Book «Anesthesia. Poets Against Pain»

Social poetry anthology has been published as part of the “Anaesthesia” campaign in support of palliative care (supported by International Renaissance Foundation). Texts by 8 authors from Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania are gathered in a book. Striving to catch the attention of the society to the problems faced by incurable people who live with unbearable pain, and also to tell about their experience unites all the authors. These authors are: Serhiy Zhadan, Olena Zaslavska, Oleh Korotash, Yaroslav Minkin, Olena Ruda, Myroslav Laiuk, and also their friends from Baltic countries Dainius Gintalas and Volodymyr Fedorov. «We have published this book combining social activity with literature», – recollects Kostyantyn Skorkin. Photos of the collages made by Luhansk-based artist Valeriy Medin illustrate the book. These collages are created from real objects, used, broken and thrown away. Olena Zaslavska: «Sometimes I become embraced with apathy and I start thinking, what all this is for: concerts, exhibitions, books, giving away T-shirts and trinkets, a repost on Facebook? What does it change, how it can help terminally ill people? It cannot. And tablet morphine can? Only it is not allowed in Ukraine».

Photo: STAN


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