Social poetry anthology «Lessons of sabotage, subversives and espionage»

Authors: Serhiy Zhadan, Olena Zaslavska, Yaroslav Minkin, Oleksandr Sihida, Lyuba Yakymchuk, Andrey Radionov (Russia). As editors write: «… social protest poetry is the most significant for post-Soviet societies. This poetry touches the current problems of Ukrainian society in its striving for freedom and is kind of a guideline to follow. The title for the anthology has been taken from a propaganda brochure of Stalinist terror period in the USSR. In such a way the anthology authors want to warn the society about the threat of dictatorship, the worrying signs of it artists feel first». According to the editors’, the idea for the book is it must not be in open retail. All who wanted to could get a copy for free at the presentations and performances. «Our passion for epagoge and mystification has been revealed in this book as well. It contains, apart from a shocking title, a literary mystification – a poem by Victor Yanukovych “Poet on the Throne”. The poem was about the fact that there is some space for poetry even inside the ugliest politician. Such a scorn», – recollects Kostyantyn Skorkin.

Photo: Inga Telikanova


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