Theatre performance “I will have luck” («Мне повезет»), Studio “Deep”


«I will have luck» – theatre performance from Studio «Deep» after L.Kaganov story. This interactive monoperformance (only one actor has been on stage) it was called ironically among viewers and in studio itself “momopreformance”, because for 2 hours on stage has been playing Dmytro Momot. No more than 15 viewers could be present at once. Everything was going on in sometimes intimate, sometimes uncanny, sometimes warm twilight. At some moment each viewer him/herself has become a little actor sharing with Momot and with other viewers sandwiches, shooted with an arch and wounded the main character. To get in the performance was considered among viewers as a psychoanalytical séance. Studio has asked not to come for a play more than once in a several months.

Photo: Deep studio

Barkar Oleksandr (director), Dmytro Momot (actor)
2 h

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