Solo Performance «My Name is Mania»

Pavlo Morozov staged a solo performance in the Foyer Theatre. The performance has provoked live and bright images. We have seen beautiful Tesa with a mane of black unruly hair; granny Mania, sitting outside with her feet put into a washbowl filled with water chatting with a neighbour across the street; trickster Zhora with a plug jaw. Morozov created a gallery of heroes with Odessa fleur. Performance is also about love – not abstract and impersonal, but true and live. Tesa is its symbol, which not only supported her husband all the time, but also has been visiting his grave for a long time, seeking “advice” for the most important decisions. Viewers admitted the cosy and home atmosphere. Morozov communicated with them a lot, put some questions to viewers, improvised, even treating them with sweets. The performance left a nostalgic feeling. It reminded us that with the disappearance of such quiet urban yards, a part of humanity and kindness is lost.

Photo: archive of Pavlo Morozov

Pavlo Morozov
90 min

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