Book «Taras Shevchenko, the Godfather of Ukrainian Nationalism»

The book was published by the “Virtual Reality” Publishing House. It presents the speculative, controversial and scandalous view on the Ukrainian literature authorclassic Taras Shevchenko. «After reading this book, every Christian will be able to answer the question: do I wantd to have such a man as a godfather? And can one who loves Christ, love Shevchenko’s works as well?» - such a rhetorical question put in the abstract of the for the book by its authors. In spite of the book's title, it does not mention and nordoes not analyze any ideologyist of Ukrainian nationalism. The book is built upon a huge amount of quotations, that are interpreted – or rather manipulated – according to authors’ ideological orientation.

Gleb Bobrov, Kostiantyn Derevianko, Mykola Grekov

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