Luhansk Cultural Map

Research projects aimed at analysis of the cultural situation in Luhansk and defining possible directions of cultural development of the city. Cultural Map presented particular moments from the city’s history, main milestones of formation of its cultural environment. The modern state of cultural life has been defined through the methods of the survey among residents, “world café” and interviews. As a result organizers have understood the following: city’s residents agree that Luhansk needs huge system changes in cultural life; search for new ways of cultural development should be done in dialogue between the city’s administration, communities, and artists; Luhansk has to «believe in itself» and get rid of the fears and complexes of the past. At the last pages of the map one will find recommendations: need for democratization of cultural life, for studying international experience, strength educational component of cultural life and others. The edition has to represent Luhansk both for the international audience and city’s residents, breaking the existing stereotypes about it.

Photo: Evgeniy Sulymenko

Text: Kostyantyn Skorkin; editor: Yaroslav Minkin; literary editor: susun Gashymova; desing: Ulyana Bychenkova

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