Film “Down-town or a key to success”

Film by Sergey Gogolev where he at the same time combines the role of a director, producer, sponsor, made montage. The project is a reverence to the Guy Stuart Ritchie movie “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” but at the same time – a unique product made in Luhansk. Unique in a sense of realities caught by camera: the Central market, backyards of bus stations, interiors of a fashionable restaurant. And also thanks to the peculiar Luhansk dialect that illustrated a value system of a certain social group. Movie might be considered also as a cut-off of the realias of Luhansk on the late 2000s from the perspective of a criminal, rogue crowd.

Sergey Gogolev (director) Screenplays: Sergey Gogolev, Oleksiy Komarovskyi, Oleksiy Bychkov, Andrey Ziuz
101 min

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