Theater studio Deep

Театральна студія «Deep» (від англ. deep - глибина) – репертуарний театр, створений 2008 року при Луганському державному інституті культури та мистецтв (пізніше – академії). Theater studio Deep is a repertory theatre created in 2008 at Luhansk State Institute of Culture and Arts (later - Academy) by Oleksandr Barkar, but the 1st performance was created in 2006. The Studio won many awards at Ukrainian festivals as well as abroad. One of the first plays – “Jail” defined the image and orientation of the theater: minimum of decorations and stage requisites, focus on idesa and action. The sStudio’s style – experiment and novelty; working with sharp social issues and philosophic problems; each new performance is an attempt try to reject the previous methods; minimalism and symbolic unity of decorations. The sStudio’s repertoire oriented towardson various audience. It hads performances based on fairy-tales with music by «The Beatles» and the surreal play “Insane” by Nadiya Ptushkina, plays byafter Jean Anouilh and Sophocles.

Alexander Barkar

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