"The Hawk's Epos" performance

Director of the play, Oleksandr Barkar calls the performance «The Hawk's Epos» a philosophical sketch. Events are going on aboard a space ship after crash. Only to from the equipage has left alive: board doctor Spacy and Glaya, the representative of a Yut’ family from Yuta planet. They need to escape; there is a lifeboat, but only one spacesuit. Oxygen will soon be over. «The Hawk's Epos» has got three finals, two negative and one positive. «Just listen for a second, Okay? Hear – this a very important place! I have been observing this planet from above. And I have seen suffering. And the wars. And the greed, greed, greed. And I have started to think: I will curse selling. I will curse buying. Curse this terrible world, and let us be… Be beautiful». Modern music accompanies the acting.

Photo: Studio Deep

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