Center for audiovisual arts «Luganda-house»

The Centre for audio-visual arts «Luganda-House» started its activity as a cinema club. The collective claimed «changing of sociocultural reality» as its goal and, with a degree of irony, the transformation of Luhansk into a cultural hub of the Northern Black Sea region. Among the activities of «Luganda-House» are: screenings of alternative and classic movies, lectures on contemporary art, concerts, workshops in performing arts and drawing comics, contemporary artists exhibitions +/- 15, +/- 16, +/- 17, and modern Ukrainian art festival SUM. «We have been cooperating with «Аrthouse Traffic» company, trying to show licensed movies, and following the law. It has turned out that the demand for licensed films is low and we have moved to underground screenings in the art-cafe «Chillout "Donbass"», - recollects Oleksiy Bida, founder of «Luganda-House». The Centre calls itself a «club without a roof» in social networks, referring to the absence of a permanent space for the Centre as well as to its experimental activities.

Members: Oleksiy Bida, Vyacheslav bondarenko, Roman Podobniy, Andriy Sotnikov, Serhiy Stepanenko, STAN group, Anton Makarevich, Denys Moros


Олексій Біда


Сохранился номальный логотип ЦЕНТР АУДІОВІЗУАЛЬНИХ МИСТЕЦТВ «ЛУГАНДА-ХАУС». Обращайтесь - перешлю

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